map 12 2014

Mobile Browsers - can Chrome, Opera and Android challenge Safari?

Products Team

12/19/2014 3:00 PM


No single browser dominates globally

Last week we have published data on desktop browser popularity conveniently displayed as a map. This week we will look at the most popular mobile browser in each country.

map 12 2014
World map showing the most popular mobile browser in each country. Click on image to enlarge.

The desktop browser map published last week showed the dominance of IE and Chrome with only a handful of countries preferring Firefox. This weeks mobile browser map is a lot more diverse, featuring 4 different mobile browsers.

North America

For the vast majority of North American countries Mobile Safari is the most popular mobile browser. The only exceptions are Jamaica and Haiti where Android mobile browser has taken the lead.

South America

Mobile Safari is the most popular mobile browser for countries in the West of South America while countries in the East of the continent tend to prefer Android and Chrome mobile browsers.


Mobile Safari dominates European mobile browser market. Only a handful of Balkan countries as well as Czech Republic and Estonia preferring Android and Mobile Chrome browsers.


Africa is by far the most colorful continent on the above map. Mobile Safari is mostly favored in the Southern regions of the continent. Opera Mini is mostly favored in Central and Southern regions of Africa while Android and Chrome Mobile are the most popular mobile browsers in coastal countries both in the North and South of the continent.

Asia and Australia

Mobile Safari is the most popular mobile browser in Northern and Central Asia as well as Australia, Japan and Republic of Korea. Android browser is the most popular mobile browser in the East and Western Asia. Chrome Mobile is favored in India, Vietnam and Malaysia. Interestingly Opera Mini is the most popular browser in Bangladesh. Even more surprising: Mobile IE is favored by the majority in Laos.

Please Note

Data for the above map is obtained using 51Degrees Mobile Analytics. The above map represents the popularity of each individual mobile browser, not the Operating System of the underlying devices. If you wish to know what the most popular mobile OS is for a specific country please use the PlatformName property in our mobile analytics.