Browser wars - latest update on global desktop browser popularity

Products Team

12/11/2014 11:55 AM


World map of desktop browser popularity

world map showing desktop browser popularity in each country
World map of desktop browser popularity. Click on the image to see full size map.

As you can see Chrome and Internet Explorer dominate the world of desktop browsers. Surprisingly, Firefox has also taken top spot in a number of countries such as Germany, Poland, Indonesia, Myanmar (Burma) and Madagascar amongst others.

Generally the map reflects what we'd expect to see. IE is included with every copy of Microsoft's Windows OS and with many organizations throughout the world still using Windows XP, we can expect IE to be in the top 2. There is nothing unexpected in seeing Google Chrome in the top 2 as well. While Firefox has been around for a longer period of time, Google has used its search engine web presence with its enormous daily traffic to advertise Chrome.

I have used 51Degrees mobile analytics to obtain data for this map. I have set up and saved a template you can use to access the desktop browser popularity data as follows:

Picture of 51Degrees mobile analytics template used for worldwide browser popularity comparisson
Print screen of mobile analytics pre-set that was used to create the browser popularity world map.

By default the pre-set shows browser popularity for the United States. To choose a different country simply click on the 'Client Country' and select a different one. Don't forget to deselect the US, otherwise the data set will include data from the US too. Other cool things you can do is change the 'IsMobile' criteria to 'True' or select both 'True' and 'False'. That will update the table to show only mobile devices or both mobile and desktop respectively.