Detect All Device Types

David Manjra

11/12/2017 12:00 AM

Handset Detection Archive
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Detect all things - even the TV!

Since our launch in 2008, there have been a lot of changes to the digital world. Most of them exciting, including the ability to browse the web from your fridge, but that’s a whole other story. One of the most interesting recent platforms is in home entertainment, that being the connected TV and gaming devices.

For most, we still use them for traditional viewing of broadcast content and apps like Netflix, but there is so much more .. Most smart TVs and gaming devices can now browse the web and have built-in or third party browsing solutions.


Well almost, because, as most of us do not have mice or keyboards connected to our TV and gaming consoles, it creates an entirely incompatible browsing experience when people visit your website from their smart device. Users have to navigate your website using the TV ‘up; down; left; right’ buttons which is not the smoothest experience - as anyone who has tried it knows.

And so, to the fix: Handset detection smart device detection takes care of it. In addition to detecting every device browsing the web, we also detect every smart device. You can immediately start serving compatible content and navigation to all of your customers and sit visitors. As smart devices become more of the norm, your website needs to be ready for the influx of visitors from these devices - or quickly lose out to more compatible competitor sites.

Want some insight into your existing traffic? You can do that too. Just connect to your existing website and start viewing the existing smart device traffic on the dashboard. Simple as ABC (or NBC in some cases).

Happy Detecting :-) David