Apple's Macintosh OS - macOS and OS X?


7/10/2017 9:56 AM

Apple Update Device Data

Metadata Advisory

During the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) In June 2016, Craig Federighi, Apples senior VP of software engineering, announced that Apple's desktop operating system will now go by the name of macOS (codename: Sierra).

The new name follows the nomenclature of watchOS and tvOS and marks the departure of the previous Macintosh operating system name of OS X (codename: Mountain Lion), which was launched way back in 2001.

This month we have updated our metadata to reflect Apple's latest name standard. From version 10.12 and above the name of the Macintosh operating system will have the value 'macOS' assigned to the PlatformName browser property. Earlier versions have not been changed.

Currently this update is available to our Enterprise and Premium customers, Lite customers will receive the name update in the mid July data file. Please consider updating your parameters to reflect this change to metadata.

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