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Apple's iOS 7 Officially Released And Detected

Published on Friday, September 20, 2013

Apple's iOS 7 Officially Released And Detected

iOS 7, Apples latest operating system, recently began to rollout to Apple devices on the 18th September.

Here at 51Degrees.mobi we have been detecting iOS 7 user agents since June and have been monitoring its progress. Here we take a brief look at the newest features.

iOS 7 has seen a major graphical and interface redesign, some might say it's been a long time coming. Moving away from the previous iOS context based graphics and textures and moving to a minimalistic flat look with some rather vivid colour choices.

Some of the new features of iOS 7 include; official iTunes Radio service, automated organisation within the Photos application and automatic updates via the App store. You can now choose a male voice for the personal assistant Siri and additionally may now be used to activate system controls.

There has been a few teething problems for Apples newest operating system, Apple are currently working on fixing a vulnerability in the lock screen which gives access to users photos and social sharing.

Will this latest offering improve Apple's fortunes or is Android's market share to strong to overcome? Tell us what you think.

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Author: Data Team

Categories: News

Tags: Apple , iOS


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