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5/17/2018 3:08 PM

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PHP, LUA, Go, Varnish and NGINX updates

The 51Degrees Device Detection software allows an application to determine the exact details about a user’s device, (e.g. laptop, desktop, mobile, tablet, smartwatch) and check the associated properties or features of the device such as screen size, browser, OS and over 217 more.

To support developers who want to implement the software, we provide many programming language versions of it. Currently, we support Java, .NET, Go, PHP, NGINX, Varnish, Python, Perl, C, Node.js. Read more about all the API’s we support.

There were some recent enhancements that are relevant to anyone using PHP, LUA, Go, Nginx and Varnish.


There are two ways to access our Device Detection API, 1) a self-hosted On-Premise version and 2) a Cloud version. Both options are available in free and paid-for packages.

If you are currently using Cloud but want to switch over to an On-Premise version we have made it easier and simple for developers.

The enhancement allows you to switch between options without the need to rewrite your code by providing a common API between the two solutions, connected by an interface which communicates with the core software.

This is a unique benefit compared to other Device Detection solution providers.

We have also improved our support for enabling automatic updates and logging.

For more information on how to switch from Cloud to On-Premise, refer to our documentation or contact us.


We have a BETA version available for anyone who would like to trial it. Contact us for more info or get started on Github


Did you know you can use our latest and fastest algorithm ‘Hash’ with the Golang API? For more information on how to implement refer to our documentation or contact us.


Our Varnish API is no longer in BETA. For more information on how to implement refer to our documentation or contact us.


51Degrees are a certified Nginx module. For more information on how to implement, refer to our documentation or our tutorial video which provides detailed instructions on how to build 51Degrees Device Detection as an Nginx Dynamc Module.

Hash Benchmarks:

We have updated our benchmark figures for our super fast Hash algorithm on our Perl, PHP, Python and Node APIs.

We would love to hear from you

We are constantly working to add new features to our product as well as support for other programming languages. If you have any suggestions for new features, or you are using a language we do not currently support, you can contact us and we can look into it.