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The easiest way to see how the 51Degrees Varnish module performs is to use the example installation on the GitHub repository. Below are the installation steps for this.


If you haven't already, you can obtain a copy of the latest version of the API using one of the links on Downloads.

To install on a linux system, go to the varnish directory with


$ cd Device-Detection/varnish 


Then install to the local directory with


$ .autogen.sh
$ make
$ sudo make install 


Then test the installation was successful by running


$ varnishtest src/test/* 


To install the module on an existing Varnish deployment, first clone the 51Degrees/Device-Detection repository with:


$ git clone https://github.com/51Degrees/Device-Detection.git


Move to the Varnish directory with:


$ cd varnish


and install with:

$ .autogen.sh
$ make
$ sudo make install


Where VARNISHSRC is set to the source for the correct varnish version (if you have run ./build then this will be ./varnish-cache), and VMODDIR is the directory to install the module to.


Next steps:

How to configure the module

Prerequisites and Compatibility

Varnish 4.1.7+

g++ 4.8.4+