51Degrees Announces Native App Device Detection Capability


2/19/2016 10:33 AM

MWC News

THE fastest and most accurate device detection now supports native apps.

Device detection specialist, 51Degrees, has extended the fastest and most accurate device recognition solution to support native apps. The solution will be showcased at Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona.

For app developers and AdTech companies the native app solution will supplement 51Degrees website device detection product, enabling valuable insight that will help app design – such as targeted advertising and software, increased user base intelligence and added capability to personalise the user experience. All this for the individual capabilities of 10,000s of different device specifications. In real time it will provide granular specifications of the device models that are downloading and accessing apps, across different models of smart phones, tablets, e-readers and gaming devices, independently of the app store used.

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The data available ranges from the retail price of the device running the app, physical screen size and pixel density, and the precise specification of integrated components such as GPU, CPU, cores and Bluetooth radio support.

The native app solution can be used alongside 51Degrees existing web device detection tool to provide consistent optimisation and analysis across both web and native applications. AdTech companies can build consistent programmatic decision making across every platform and medium. User experience can be mirrored across all platforms no matter what device a customer is using.

Tackling native apps expands 51Degrees market to offer a new solution to AdTech companies, app developers and businesses involved in the app ecosystem. Native app detection can be used alongside its web device detection and TAC code indexes, providing an integrated solution for Mobile Network Operators.

James Rosewell, CEO, 51Degrees says, “Device innovation has resulted in an increase in the number of available devices and it certainly is not set to slow down. 51Degrees has a catalogue of more than 31,000 devices and 400,000 combinations of hardware, operating system and browser that can be identified by our device detection solution. Existing methods have been complex and inefficient at recognising which devices are running native apps meaning that app developers are left in the dark and user experience and revenue are compromised as a result.”

“51Degrees is the most comprehensive device detection solution available. Our new API means we can provide web and app developers with the ability to personalise content and advertisements within native apps in addition to web sites.”