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Target Accurately and Increase Viewability

The ability to quickly segment audiences, target appropriately, and optimize ad creative based on accurate analytics is vital for Adtech companies. 51Degrees delivers comprehensive device intelligence which enhances your existing analytics by identifying key attributes like screen size, bandwidth, device price and age. Critical data for all elements of the programmatic chain, delivered at a speed that other providers cannot match.

"It’s a “No brainer product, just download the update as soon as they arrive and performance is really good. I would like each product to work that way"

Arnaud Briche - CTO - Adyoulike


  • Adtech is complicated and Ad blocking and Ad fraud remain a challenge.
  • Exchange auctions happen within milliseconds, you need fast, accurate device data to enable decision making.
  • Without detailed device intelligence, you have very little information on your users and their devices.
  • If responsive only web design is applied, users may be served ads that don't fit their screen or simply don't appear therefore this results in a poor end-user experience and a wasted budget for advertisers.
  • Show you care for your advertisers and the end users by investing in device intelligence to enable delivery of server-side optimized content and inject some speed, accuracy, and ROI back into the process.


  • Accuracy

    With an unrivalled number of devices and device combinations, 51Degrees offers 99.9% accuracy. No ‘default’ assumptions on unidentifiable devices eliminating false positives.

  • Identify Non-Human Traffic

    Customise ad creative for real users not 'bots'.  Non-Human traffic costs advertisers money as inaccurate analytics will inflate advertisers' budgets.

  • Better Targeting

    With 245 properties, get access to more comprehensive device information such as price, age, screen size and much more. Fill the data gaps in the Open RTB process.

  • Speed

    Exchange auctions happen quickly. With sub millisecond performance at over 22 million detections per second, faster than any other provider, get the data you require to enable fast decisions.

Used by:

  • Adsterra
  • Team Internet
  • AdYouLike
  • Adform

Complements The Way You Work

  • 1Analyze – Plugin 51Degrees to your existing systems and see a more granular level of detail about the devices used.
  • Grow revenue for Adtech
  • 2Design – Make the changes based on your newly discovered insights for improved ad and creative optimization to enhance viewability, improved audience targeting, and ROI.
  • 3Implement – Ease of implementation or migration from another provider. Try our Device Intelligence free for 30 days. Register today - we will set you up swiftly and seamlessly.

Want to know more about how device detection can work for your business?

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51Degrees now help more than 1.5 million websites support different mobile device types ensuring a better user experience and increased revenue.

Find out how we can transform your business today.

  • Lightweight site content prevents abandoned site visits, increases Ad viewability and conversion rates. Try an adaptive approach with server-side optimisation fuelled with accurate device data and do not fear the m.dot site! Improve user experience, drive engagement and increase yield with 51Degrees Device Intelligence.

  • Ensure your website does you justice and engage all targets regardless of screen size. Many of the world’s leading brands including Subway, eBay, Disney and Hyundai all use device intelligence to ensure their web visitors get the best experience and convert to customers or ambassadors for your brand.