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2/27/2017 11:33 AM

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LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 24, 2017 - 51Degrees, the #1 device intelligence specialist, today announces it’s the first device detection provider to reach 600,000 unique device combinations.

This is alongside other notable achievements, including first to:

* Incorporate over 40,000 unique hardware models including the latest Mobile World Congress launch devices

* Support native mobile apps alongside web and telecoms operators

* Receive granted patents for device detection in EU and US

* Establish global breadth - particularly in Asia

* Only take data from official vendor data sources

Cementing position as #1 for device intelligence

Global businesses like Adform, Basis Technologies, Dynata (Research Now), EPAM, Open Text Corporation, Sitecore, and more are using the very best digital analytics and content optimisation solution from 51Degrees.

Device detection databases only provide useful insight if they contain up-to-date combinations of hardware models, operating systems and web browsers. “Device Combinations” is the principle metric used to measure accuracy and breadth. 51Degrees contains over 600,000 currently active and unique permutations of device, OS and browser indexed for web, native apps and telecoms operators.

Global coverage is essential. Like many other digital services, 51Degrees users from around the world have the option to securely contribute anonymous usage information ensuring all device combinations are representative of real world activity.

Additional specification data such as physical screen size, pricing, video codec support or chipsets only comes from official vendor data sources such as the mobile phone, tablet or TV manufacturers. 51Degrees’ team of research analysts benchmark real devices and software to gain even further insight.

51Degrees is the only device detection company designed in the current decade for the next decade. As the first company to achieve granted device detection patents in Europe and the US, the algorithms used deliver better than 99.9% accuracy and sub 0.1 millisecond performance. Patented false positive detection identifies the 0.1% or fewer requests to ensure they’re treated correctly within analytics.

James Rosewell, CEO at 51Degrees, said “During the last decade many device detection solutions based on regular expressions, XML or JSON data formats sprang up. I founded 51Degrees to provide an open source, transparent, scalable, high quality, reliable and robust alternative. This milestone is a testament to the team of experts at 51Degrees and the users who form and embrace the approach.”

Rosewell adds “Just consider that at Mobile World Congress 2016 when 51Degrees was the first solution to launch support for native apps only 400,000 device combinations were active. The internet is growing at a non-linear rate!”

This is another example of 51Degrees setting the industry benchmark and innovations in device intelligence. Other notable firsts include: native apps support, performance and accuracy milestones, inclusion of pricing information, date and software status data, and the simple identification of data-minimising browsers such as Opera or UC Browser. Read about more firsts.

About 51Degrees

51Degrees delivers the fastest and most accurate device detection solution on the market. Future-proofed through innovative patented technology, its cost-effective, risk-free device detection, web optimisation and mobile analytics solutions enable customer-led organisations to create a great web experience.

51Degrees is headquartered Reading and its services are used by more than 1.5 million websites.

Originally published in Newswire on February 24th 2017

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