Case study TechGrains

Techgrains Technologies is one of the foremost providers of integrated business solutions and IT services in India.

In early 2011 the company was growing frustrated with the tactics other businesses were using to market themselves in the country, in particular the popularity of lengthy radio advertisements and text message ‘spamming’.

Around this time the use of mobile web in the country was growing exponentially. Whilst in the UK around 10% of web traffic originates from mobile devices, in India this figure is over 90%. Smartphones, however, have not penetrated this market and remain fairly uncommon.

So, with most web users in India accessing sites through low-spec mobile devices, yet most websites designed to be viewed via PC, user experiences were poor. Techgrains wanted to develop an affordable solution that enabled its customers to offer users a positive mobile web experience.


Working with the solution enabled Techgrains to demonstrate a mobile web site for Neptune Realty Private Limited. The demo took advantage of device detection and web optimisation functionality, resulting in an improved design and enhanced usability that Neptune Realty Private Limited to commission a new site.

Leading on from this success, Techgrains developed a template mobile web site in association with that it is promoting as a package to the real estate industry.

Amit Patel, Managing Director at Techgrains, said: “The technology is huge for the Indian market. The majority of people access the internet through a mobile device and their solution has is enabled us to vastly improve user experiences, create positive associations and increase traffic for the sites and businesses we work with.”


Neptune Realty Private Limited saw impressive results in the first month following the launch of the new mobile web site, including:

  • Approximately 10% increase in mobile traffic of the website using mobile, despite no active promotional campaign. A forthcoming marketing campaign will emphasise the benefits of browsing for property on a mobile phone.
  • Approximately 30 new leads from the mobile website, despite only using the site for promoting higher-value properties.

Techgrains has since sold the platform to a further 5 businesses.