Case study Boom! MOBILE putting customers first with TAC


Old phones, new customers

boom! MOBILE sells prepaid wireless services to US consumers and businesses via wholesale contracts with the three largest US carriers (AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile). Since bursting onto the wireless telecoms scene in 2012, this Enhanced Communications Group brand has built its name on outstanding customer service.

And it’s a good thing, too. US mobile consumers have dropped long-term commitments for short-term flings. New phones are traded in for the younger model after as little as six months, with these used phones fuelling a growing Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) industry. Customers don’t want contractual or financial obligations to a service provider based on the purchase of a device. Instead, they want control, convenience, and to get up and running with minimal fuss.

51Degrees TAC dataset is impressive and brings exceptional value to our business. The importance of personal relationships, along with a great product, is the key to any strategic partnership. Charles BinauDirector, boom! MOBILE


Plugging the knowledge gap

Recent US FCC rulings force device manufacturers to build devices that operate on more than one carrier. Still, some carriers have older device model variants that only work for their specific network. boom! MOBILE needs to keep on top of details like these to match customers to the right plans.

Until recently, the business relied solely on data provided by Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile. These carriers had different methods of allowing boom! MOBILE to check device functionality and compatibility on their network, based on matching TAC and IMEI numbers against their databases.

Paying the price

Simple enough? Well, it should be. The trouble was, this device data was often incomplete, out of date, inaccurate, or complicated to interpret. One carrier even charged penalty costs for activating certain devices.

This had a knock-on effect with customers, who didn’t automatically get the features they wanted in their plans and sometimes couldn’t activate their devices at all.

Something had to change, so boom! MOBILE set out to find a reliable device data partner.

The Solution

A match made in heaven

boom! MOBILE turned to 51Degrees because of the wonderful ways we can enhance TAC data with detailed and accurate device properties. Using frequency band, device model and any of the 200+ device properties, the business can now:

  • Identify the correct pre-paid plan by checking the device’s network compatibility with greater accuracy
  • Avoid costs by identifying devices upfront and choosing plans that don’t incur additional fees for that particular device
  • Supply the right SIM card by identifying the size for shipping and replacement
  • Identify “carrier unknown” devices and report compatibility to the carrier


More happy customers

With 51Degrees TAC data, boom! MOBILE staff now get accurate device insight more quickly, enabling them to better support customers in need of support or upgrades.

As a result, the company gains more loyal customers by providing the best network for their device, with the best features for their lifestyle, while creating the best possible first impression.

I would recommend 51Degrees to others for the quality of product, flexibility, and personnel. Charles BinauDirector, boom! MOBILE
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