Case study 24.com


24.com is a leading African network of popular digital publishing brands and online services across internet, mobile, and applications. They are dedicated to creating and sustaining uniquely African online and mobile communities, and includes various services for user-generated content.

The Challenges

24.com operate in a very diverse market when it comes to the type of mobile devices being used by their audience. This varies from the latest smartphones, to older feature phones.

Their online services needed to support the majority of devices to ensure their audience received the best possible mobile user experience, regardless of the device they use. As feature phones are still heavily used in Africa to browse the web, lightweight and optimized mobile pages are essential. So, 24.com turned to us for our Device Detection.

The Solution

Our device database holds over 1.4 million device combinations, which is essential for ensuring a website can optimize for any device. By providing detection across mobile device features, including hardware, operating systems, and browser versions, 24.com can offer device specific code and style changes to their online services. And what happens when you provide a stylized web service? Your users get the best possible experience across your digital channels.

Good user experience is vital, and the only way to do this is to adapt coding and style for each device type. Upgrading to 51Degrees.mobi Premium Device Data gave us this ability and enabled us to offer a great experience to all of our users. Paolo StreminPortal Manager, 24.com

The Results

Example Desktop Layout
Example Desktop Layout
Example Mobile Layout
Example Mobile Layout

By implementing our Device Detection to detect mobile devices on their Nigerian news offering, 24.com have optimized their services for a diverse mobile audience.

The aesthetics of the website have been upgraded to accommodate the different input methods and device screen sizes. Website visitors automatically view the website in an optimized format.

As feature phones are still a large part of the African market, 24.com has optimized their mobile page weight from a hefty 1.6mb to a tiny 111kb. This means the website loading times are very small on mobile devices, with minimal amounts of data being transferred. Additionally, by optimizing their website services for mobile users, they were able to increase their mobile traffic to news24.com.

About Device Detection

When you take care of your users and keep website functionality in mind, you create a better overall user experience and gain happier customers. To join 24.com and optimize your mobile website, get started with our Device Detection service.