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24.com is a leading African network of popular digital publishing brands and online services across internet, mobile, applications and interactive TV. 24.com is the leader in the African digital universe with strong news offering sites in both Kenya and Nigeria. Also part of the 24.com offering is South Africa's fastest growing job portal, Careers24.com.

Dedicated to creating and sustaining uniquely African online and mobile communities, 24.com includes various services for user-generated content. A full member of the Digital Media and Marketing Association, 24.com's advertising space is managed by THE SPACESTATION, a single point of contact offering advertisers and media planners creative and innovative advertising solutions to engage with online and mobile South Africans across multiple digital destinations.


24.com operates in a very diverse market when it comes to the type of mobile devices being used by their audience. This varies from the latest devices on the market, to older feature phones. They needed to support the majority of the devices accessing their channels on a daily basis, in order to give their audience the best possible user experience regardless of the device used. Feature phones still take up over 40% of mobile web traffic in Africa, meaning the need to create light-weight optimised mobile pages for these devices is essential.


51Degrees.mobi enabled 24.com to detect mobile device features, allowing them to offer device specific code and style changes. Going into as much detail as being able to detect mobile operating systems and browser versions in order to give the end user the best possible experience across our all of their channels.

Paolo Stremin, portal manager of 24.com stated:

"We ran a mobile device detection investigation a few years back and at the time found that 51Degrees.mobi offered a free service, which we easily implemented across our channels.

Good user experience is vital, and the only way to do this is to adapt coding and style for each device type. Upgrading to 51Degrees.mobi Premium Device Data gave us this ability and enabled us to offer a great experience to all of our users."


Example Desktop Layout
Example Mobile Layout

24.com has implemented 51Degrees.mobi Premium Detection in order to detect mobile devices on their Nigerian news offering, optimizing it for a mobile audience. The aesthetics of the website have been changed to accommodate the different input methods and screen sizes that browse the website.

As feature phones are still a large part of the African market, 24.com has optimized their mobile page weight from 1.6mb to a tiny 111kb. This means the website loads very fast on mobile devices, with minimal amounts of data being transferred and has led to an increase in mobile traffic to http://www.news24.com.ng/.

About 51Degrees

51Degrees™ is the only device detection company designed in the current decade for the next decade. Speed of response and accuracy are important for delivering an optimal user experience and hi-fidelity analytics. 51Degrees™ performs with better than 99.9% matching accuracy against 1,399,647 combinations of Device models, Operating systems, Browsers and Apps.

51Degrees was founded in the UK in 2010 and is the only commercial open source solution available. Leaders in AdTech, Publishing, Content Management Platforms, Digital Agencies, and over 1.5 million websites including global brands like eBay and Disney use 51Degrees’ Device Detection solution.

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