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Foundation adds Umbraco and WebMatrix Package Support

Products Team

4/12/2011 1:27 PM

Microsoft Foundation Umbraco News

51Degrees.mobi have released 1 click installation packages for Microsoft WebMatrix and Umbraco making access to fast and accurate mobile device detection and redirection even easier. The packages are currently marked as beta while we await feedback from the respective developer communities.

Following discussion with Umbraco and WebMatrix experts we decided to make a few simple changes to 51Degrees.mobi Foundation. Significantly in .NET version 4 the web.config file no longer needs to be edited at all, a major source of frustration and support requests on our web site. The FiftyOne.Foundation.dll can be located in the bin folder, a file called 51Degrees.mobi.config located in the App_Data folder provides all the configuration details.

Umbraco adopts an approach of using separate .config files for different elements. WebMatrix does not encourage the use of web.config files. This change to configuration enables inexperienced developers to deploy 51Degrees.mobi Foundation without fear of corrupting their existing web.config file. These packages can now be installed within the package manager environments of both WebMatrix and Umbraco. Full details for each product can be found at the following links.