10/13/2015 8:29 AM

Calculate Maximum Size of a Value String

Use C# to determine the longest value returned from device detection

51Degrees device detection solutions include rich and consistent meta data. Available properties and values can be returned from a 51Degrees data set object instance. This blog shows how to work out the length of the longest value that can be returned. The information can be used to allocate sufficient space to store results.



6/18/2015 5:06 PM

List of all Web Enabled Devices and Associated Browsers

Use the 51Degrees .NET API to return meta data about device combinations

Many 51Degrees customers are using the consistent and high quality meta data within 51Degrees to drive related reporting solutions and user interfaces. This blog post contains a short C# code snippet for returning related unique combinations of meta data values. It's intended to show how easy such queries are to produce in .NET with 51Degrees and provide example code for those wishing to access device meta data.



5/27/2014 2:10 PM

Version 3 Device Detection

General Availability

Following live trials lasting more than 6 months we're delighted to announce version 3 of the 51Degrees device detection solution is fully released.

Available to all, including free Lite users, key improvements include:

  • Over 100 times faster device detection
  • Reduced memory consumption and faster start up times
  • Automatic image optimisation (PHP, Java and .NET)
  • Future proof algorithms supporting potentially millions of device combinations


2/17/2012 11:47 AM

Implement Store Finder in 6 simple steps and 10 minutes

This is a guide explaining how to create a mobile web page that contains the nearest 'real world' retail stores to a user's mobile device, based on the current position. There are just 6 simple steps.

A completed project containing the results of these steps is available to download later on in this article. You will need to add a Framework licence key to the bin folder for the project to operate.