Which Nokia Lumia handset is more popular for web browsing?

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11/1/2013 11:24 AM

Nokia Analysis

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Nokia released its 2013 Q3 Interim report earlier this week, showing a 22% loss in total revenues. Although overall revenues are down, the Nokia Lumia handsets shipped a record 8.8 million units in Q3. This week 51Degrees compare web traffic from the two most popular Lumia devices across a variety of countries.

Lumia 920 VS 521 - Web Traffic Breakdown by Country


Nokia have been trying to bolster their sales in the US market, offering flagship Lumia devices for both the high (Lumia 920) and low end (Lumia 521) price ranges. Emerging markets such as India and South africa seem to heavily favour the budget Lumia 521. Surprisingly, the UK and US markets seem to be browsing the web almost equally with both devices.

Nokia increased their smartphone sales in North America by almost 400%, up to 1.4million units sold from just 0.3 million in the same quarter last year. Looking at another chart we can see the drastic rise in Nokia mobile web traffic in the US market:

Nokia Mobile Web Traffic - Breakdown by Country


Interestingly Nokia's popularity in India has dropped heavily, with web traffic share dropping to similar levels as the UK. The share of Nokia web traffic originating from the US has increased by 29.55% over the last 20 months, showing that Nokias efforts to increase popularity in the US market are paying off.