Ingeniux expands its mobile web capabilities with 51Degrees.mobi

Products Team

3/27/2012 4:39 PM

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Ingeniux Corporation, a leading provider of web and social content management software, today announced it has licensed the 51Degrees.mobi mobile Premium Device Data for distribution with the Ingeniux CMS web content management and Cartella community and collaboration software. With 51Degrees.mobi fully integrated within Ingeniux CMS and Cartella, Ingeniux customers can easily target web content to mobile devices, preview content display on a wide range of devices, and accelerate development of advanced mobile features.

The 51Degrees.mobi device repository delivers up-to-date mobile device profiles for thousands of leading devices, operating systems, and browsers. Going beyond simple browser or “user agent” detection, 51Degrees.mobi delivers full device specifications for all leading smartphones, tablets, eBook readers, game consoles and other mobile devices. In February 2012, 51Degrees.mobi powered over 500 new mobile websites per day and delivered web content to over 179 million devices.

The Ingeniux partnership with 51Degrees.mobi delivers a number of key benefits for Ingeniux customers:

A complete mobile web platform for creating, managing, and delivering content uniquely for each customer;
Up-to-date specifications and capabilities for smartphones, tablets, game consoles, and other devices;
Automatic weekly updates for new device data;
Live mobile device detection and targeting;
Accurate mobile preview capabilities, including portrait and landscape views, and in-context editing to update content within mobile previews.

Ingeniux is the first non-open source software vendor to distribute the 51Degrees.mobi Premium Device Data. Ingeniux CMS users will have access to the 51Degrees.mobi Premium Data package, which includes rich device data and detection. Data includes mobile device screen resolutions, mobile browsers, input capabilities, and device capabilities such as GPS, camera, and other features. Mobile device data is offered as a subscription and is automatically updated weekly. Ingeniux is including the 51Degrees.mobi Premium Data as part of its standard support and maintenance agreement without any additional cost to customers. 51Degress.mobi has become a certified Ingeniux technology partner.

“Mobile is the future of the web,” said Jim Edmunds, Ingeniux president and CEO. “Ingeniux provides a premier solution for managing and optimizing mobile web experiences and accelerating performance. With 51Degrees.mobi our customers get the most accurate mobile device data in the industry, packaged in an open .NET development platform, and fully integrated with the Ingeniux CMS web content management and Cartella software. We are raising the bar for multi-channel content delivery.”

James Rosewell, CEO and founder of 51Degrees.mobi, said, “The combination of Ingeniux's innovative approach to CMS design and 51Degrees.mobi's powerful tools creates a risk-free product to quickly optimize the mobile web experience for all users no matter what type of device they're using, including the increasingly important tablet.”

Expanded Mobile Capabilities

The 51Degrees.mobi repository is fully integrated within the Ingeniux CMS and Cartella software. Mobile capabilities in Ingeniux CMS include targeting content for delivery to any device or group of devices, new preview capabilities for a wide range of smartphones and tablets, including portrait and landscape views, and in-context editing to update content within mobile previews.

Modern Mobile Architecture for Microsoft .NET

Ingeniux CMS and 51Degrees.mobi are developed using the latest Microsoft ASP.NET technology. With a complete .NET API, the platform may be easily extended to support mobile web and application development, providing an end-to-end platform for managing the desktop and mobile web.


The 51Degrees.mobi solution is available as part of the forthcoming Ingeniux CMS version 8 and Cartella version 3 software packages.