51Degrees.mobi Java API Speed Test


8/21/2012 1:20 AM

Java Analysis

Following the release of the updated 51Degrees.mobi Java API, which can be downloaded from here and is documented here, I have created a Java application to calculate the average detection speed over a given number of User Agents and we invite you to download it and see how fast our Java solution can detect on your system. The test will not work for any version before

The application consists of a jar file called "51Degrees.mobi_JavaTest.jar", which contains: a data file of 1000000 User Agent Strings, the application's classes and the java source files. The test works by recording the time it takes to loop through the detection of a number of User Agents and dividing that time by the amount of User Agents tested.

To use the application, place the JAR file in the same directory as the 51Degrees.mobi.detection.jar file and run.

By default the application will test the average detection time over 10000 User Agents:

To test over a specific number of User Agents, please specify how many as a command line argument value between 10 and 1000000:

With this program you can easily see for yourself how quickly 51Degrees.mobi's Java solution will run on your system. If you would like more information on the Java API please see our documentation section.