Data Team

4/17/2014 2:54 PM

Latest Premium Update Includes The LG G Pro 2

Device Data Update

You can now download our latest Premium Device Detection Data, or upgrade now if you do not already benefit from our Premium service.


Data Team

1/29/2014 4:13 PM

World's First Flexible Smartphone Added to 51Degrees.mobi Device Detection

Device Data Update

This week a combination of 241 new hardware devices, new browsers and new operating system versions have been added to the device detection database. Continuing with our theme of last week by adding more devices seen at the CES show in Las Vegas.


Data Team

8/8/2013 1:52 PM

Will The Moto X Bring Motorola Back From The Dead?

Motorola announced the new Moto X at a New York event this week, with the phone giving Motorola an opportunity to finally contend for third place Smartphone vendor. This week 51Degrees.mobi looks at global Smartphone web traffic from hardware vendors contending for the third place market spot.