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Will The Moto X Bring Motorola Back From The Dead?

Published on Thursday, August 8, 2013

Will The Moto X Bring Motorola Back From The Dead?

Motorola announced the new Moto X at a New York event this week, with the phone giving Motorola an opportunity to finally contend for third place Smartphone vendor. This week 51Degrees.mobi looks at global Smartphone web traffic from hardware vendors contending for the third place market spot.

Global Smartphone Web Traffic - Handset Vendors

The race for third place is heating up with HTC and Motorola's' smartphone traffic continuing to take a downward slide. HTC have been losing market share throughout all of 2013 and even with better sales figures from the One, HTC still haven't managed to climb back up. Over the last six months web traffic from HTC smartphones has dropped 6.63% from the start of the year.

Meanwhile, LG have been able to keep a consistent share of the market after their slight upturn at the start of 2013, gaining 1.18% of the market share whilst Motorola have dropped 2.47% so far in 2013. If Motorola continues to lose web traffic at this rate then within two months they will slip down to fourth place.

With LG, Motorola and Nokia all looking to release a new flagship phone in the near future, we might see drastic changes within the race for third place selling smartphone vendor.

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