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This example shows a very simple flow element which takes a date of birth and returns an star sign. Although a basic (and not all that useful) flow element, the example demonstrates how you can start to implement your own flow elements.

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The source code used in this example is available here:


The flow element will need a reference to the Pipeline core package

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The element data being added to the flow data by this flow element is a star sign. So this should have its own 'getter' in its element data.

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Flow Element

Now the actual flow element needs to be implemented. For this, the flow element's base class can be used which deals with most of the logic. The element properties, evidence keys and the processing are all that need implementing.

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Now the flow element needs one final thing, an element builder to construct it. This only needs to provide the flow element with a logger and an element data factory - as this example has no extra configuration options.

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Next Steps

The example for Custom On-premise Engine shows how you can extend the functionality of this flow element to use a data file.

The flow element can also be upgraded to use evidence supplied by the client, as shown in the Custom Client-Side Evidence example.

To delegate the processing and logic to a cloud service, refer to the Custom Cloud Engine example.