51Degrees Pipeline Documentation  4.1


Element properties refer to the individual properties whose values are populated in an element data by a flow element.

A property's unique identifier is its name, but it also has other metadata which describe it. The concept of a property is built up in a hierarchy, starting at an element property, which is then added to in inheriting property types.


The name of the property uniquely identifies the property within a flow element.


The flow element which the property belongs to. Although the property's name is unique within the flow element, this does not prevent another flow element from containing a property with the same name. This, in combination with the name, uniquely identifies the property globally.


The category groups element properties sharing a similar theme. For example FrontCameraMegaPixels and Has3DCamera both belong to the Camera category.


The type of value which the property has e.g. string or integer. Note, this is only relevant for strongly typed languages.


Availability lets the user know whether the property is available in a certain configuration. This is not a constant, and depends on how the flow element is built (e.g. what data file is used).