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Published on Thursday, December 8, 2011

Winter 2011 News Letter


Dear Customer,

We've been busy creating new mobile products and services to benefit your business.

You may not be aware but, since September, the WURFL Device file has been commercialised. This means using newer WURFL versions for commercial purposes will require a commercial license.

In response to this and other feedback from our customers, we have launched our own Device file. It comes in two versions:

  1. an entry-level open source version called Lite, which can be used commercially and is entirely free; and
  2. a Premium version that provides a comprehensive set of device attributes to help you create the very best mobile experience for your customers.  

Our device detection file contains the very latest smartphones, feature phones, tablets and consoles. Naturally, it’s fully compatible with our Foundation API and Framework products, which have also been upgraded to version 2.

Device Data

NEW - Device Data

51Degrees.mobi ‘Lite’ Data –supports very small businesses and those who require limited device detection requirements. It’s made available free of charge under the Mozilla Open Source licence.

Key features:

51Degrees.mobi ‘Premium’ Data –created for businesses looking to optimise their web experience for mobile.  It’s made available on a ‘per instance’ basis.


Key features:

  • Enhances Lite properties to include:
    • Input methods
    • Screen dimensions (millimetres and pixels)
    • Manufacturer and model information
    • Supported JavaScript options
    • Device manufacturer and model
  • Over 40 other properties. See this link for a complete list.
  • Weekly updates (available automatically or manually)

Learn More | Try Premium Device Data

51Degrees.mobi Framework Version 2.0

NEW - Framework Version 2.0

The 51Degrees.mobi Framework is a software package that solves many of the problems usually associated with creating, managing and operating mobile web applications. It offers web developers a set of tools that build on the familiarity of Microsoft’s popular ASP.NET framework.

  • Adapts ASP.NET to support all mobile devices
  • Enhances CSS3 media queries with server-side control styling
  • Improves your site’s performance over low bandwidth mobile connections
  • Now with unlimited distribution licence

Learn More

We hope you like what we're doing and look forward to your feedback.

Yours sincerely,

James Rosewell & the Team at 51Degrees.mobi

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