Technical review of the Nexus 9

Data Team

11/13/2014 4:31 PM

HTC Device Data News

Last week we reviewed the features of NEXUS 6 now we will have a look at features of the NEXUS 9.

Google has launched its first Android 5.0 Lollipop tablet in co-operation with HTC known as NEXUS 9. The tablet is designed to be more practical and for comfort. Its soft grip, sleek and curvy design gives you better hold, carry and play wherever you want. It comes in three colours Black, White and Gold.

The NEXUS 9 has an 8.9” screen size which is perfect for work and play but on the other hand its small size makes it easy enough to carry around. The screen is secure because it's made of Gorilla Glass 3 which has better damage resistance and is fundamentally tougher due to its atomic configuration. Its screen resolution is very high (2048*1536) which is why the display is very crisp and clear.

This google tablet is equipped with HTC BOOMSOUND speakers so that you can enjoy more immersive and distortion free sound.

This tablet is specially designed for “Movers and Makers”. The NEXUS 9 is available with a detachable keyboard (sold separately) which is attached at the back of the tablet magnetically. The keyboard can also pair wirelessly with the help of Bluetooth.

It has a high end 64-Bit Nvidia Tegra K1 dual processor with a speed of 2.3GHZ and it helps you to move fast between pages like email, games, videos etc.

Surprisingly, the NEXUS 9 does not support any extra storage and is only available in 16GB and 32GB internal memory with a price tag of £319 and £399 respectively. It has max 2GB RAM. Its network connectivity supports the 4G-LTE technology however that is available only with the 32GB model.

It has an 8.0MP rear camera with AF and BSI sensors. The front camera is 1.6MP with a BSI sensor only.

The NEXUS 9 is featured with today's advance technology NFC. It also has built-in GPS with GLONASS. It is equipped with a 6700mAh rechargeable Li-polymer battery with a standby time of 30 days. It has 3.5mm jack, micro-USB and sim slots, it also supports Nano sim.

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