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2/10/2021 5:00 PM

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Still uncertain about using our services? Here are reasons why it’s worth a try! From a generous Cloud hosted solution to high-speed performance, these are just some of the things your company is missing out on.

Are you still uncertain about utilizing our real-time data solutions? Don’t worry, we know starting with a new platform can be daunting. To make your life easier, we’ll tell you a few reasons why you should try 51Degrees.


We offer only the fastest and most accurate real-time data solutions to our clients, helping them provide the best online experience to their customers. Ultimately, this helps our clients unlock their fullest digital potential. We do all the digital legwork, allowing clients to focus on other matters knowing their real-time data is in safe hands.

Our solutions range from Device Detection to Pipeline API. We support a range of industries including ad tech, brands, digital agencies, eCommerce, publishers, and web platforms.

So, how exactly do they benefit from our real-time data solutions? And how can we benefit your company as well? The answer lies just a few sentences away...

1. We offer a generous cloud hosted solution

When you use our real-time data solutions, you can easily access all the tools from a single Cloud. No more faffing about with multiple data sources! You get the most out of our Cloud Hosted Solution, and at the same time enjoy its ease of use. Our Pipeline API platform enables a unique access to the fastest, real-time data services from 51Degrees and our trusted data partners.

2. We are an ISO compliant company

We really care about putting out high quality products whilst also ensuring our client’s security. That’s why we proudly achieved a duo of ISO standards for quality and information security management.


In addition to our ISO accomplishments we have a dedicated team of people who maintain this data and solution. It is our mission to uphold these ISO standards – we know every bit of data from our clients matters and its protection must be top-notch. Nothing less, and everything more.

3. High-speed performance

Our real-time data performance at 0.004 ms per detection promises the smoothest online experience for your customers giving you a whopping 220,000 detections per second! We not only provide you accurate data but also the fastest performance in retrieving, detecting, and adapting your app, website or ad.

All websites can benefit from high-speed performance. Not only does it improve your customers experience on your site, but it also improves your search engine rankings meaning more customers will find your site. It’s a win-win situation! This is a crucial factor you need to consider when acquiring real-time data services.

4. We focus on device level information

It’s not just the intangible data that you have to consider when it comes to real-time data solutions, but physical device aspects such as brand, price, chipsets, codecs, screen, ratios, and more.

A good example is our TAC Intelligence. In case you weren’t aware, the majority of devices have a unique 8-digit number (or Type Allocation Code). Our TAC Intelligence takes the unassuming numerical digits and turns it into meaningful data and rich insights that enables a fast and tailor-fit experience for your users. By using this service, you can avoid any mobile compatibility problems and other customer issues that stem from incomplete, inaccurate, and out of date TAC data.

When you have device level information, this paints a clearer picture on how your users access and interact with you online.


5. We offer an extensible pipeline

Our aforementioned Pipeline API supports other data and enables integrations and manipulations. This gives you room for flexibility and creates a vast horizon of possibilities for your company. For example, it’s a breeze to integrate our real-time data services to third-party website hosting services like Squarespace. With help from 51Degrees, you can enjoy the simplicity and ease of use that Squarespace provides while creating a dynamic and tailored experience for your visitors. What’s not to like?

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