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Fed up with sifting through your website traffic analytics to sort the real humans from the spam bots? Stress no more; this is easily achieved with 51Degrees enhanced device and location precision.

Free real-time data
Before enhanced analytics
Before enhanced analytics

Confusion caused by spam, bots, and crawlers affecting your website analytics.

After enhanced analytics
After enhanced analytics

Confidence knowing that you're reporting on real human activity, not bot traffic.

Enhance your analytics

When your website has been hit by spam traffic, it's harder to see what real people do on your site. This bot traffic can also negatively inflate your reporting, making it seem like your website is performing better than it actually is.


What if there was an easy way to filter out this spam traffic?

Enter 51Degrees real-time data. Powered by Device Detection and Geolocation, our data helps you build a better understanding of the people interacting with you online, including what device they use to visit your website or where they are based.

We can provide increased granularity on the device specifications, such as information on the hardware, screen size, or price at launch. We can also detect location information right down to the building name. There are over 270 data properties available, so you're bound to find the data you need to help you achieve your specific goals.

Everyone knows that when you have more insight into your audience, you can make better informed decisions. And in the business world, this is key to striving toward success.

It's time to supercharge your analytics with enhanced, real-time data.

WordPress plugin

WordPress plugin

Google Analytics is great for basic website traffic analysis, but its data is limited. To fix this, all you need is a little boost from our plugin.

The 51Degrees Optimize by Device & Location WordPress plugin can add custom dimensions to Google Analytics, enhancing your data with new levels of granularity. At the core of the plugin are our Device Detection and Geolocation services which have been integrated with over 1.5 million websites.

Our plugin comes with detailed documentation to help you get started with enhanced analytics on your WordPress site. Or you could read our WordPress blogs for more information.

Here are some of the things you could use it for:

User Agent strings are fundamental in understanding your website, app, or ad audience. The string tells you what device they use, and what operating system and browser version is on the device. With this data, you can build an in-depth picture of your audience to create tailored marketing strategies.

When your website has been hit with referral spam or directly by crawlers, it can negatively skew your traffic reports. 51Degrees can help you identify why your website traffic has fluctuated, with additional real-time information on the crawler or bot.

Discover what screen size your audience uses to view your website so you know where to improve your mobile optimization efforts. Or you could use enhanced real-time information to deliver awesome websites, apps, ads, or software solutions.

Investigate whether website performance issues were caused by a certain device or browser. With increased information on the device specifications, you can cut the faff and get straight to the problem.

Get started with enhanced analytics

You can integrate our real-time data with ease with our 51Degrees WordPress plugin. Alternatively, you can get started with using our cloud service or hosting the code on-premise.


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