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Request.Browser Overwrites

The 51Degrees Detector for .NET overwrites several default properties from the Request.Browser. This allows other ASP.NET components to take  advantage of enhanced device data without any modification.

.NET Property 51Degrees Property
IsMobileDevice IsMobile
MobileDeviceManufacturer HardwareVendor
MobileDeviceModel HardwareModel
Platform PlatformName
Browser BrowserName (this will not be overwritten if the Detector was compiled with REMOVE_OVERRIDE_BROWSER flag)
Crawler IsCrawler
MajorVersion Derived from BrowserVersion
MinorVersion Derived from BrowserVersion
Version Derived from BrowserVersion
JavaScript Javascript
EcmaScriptVersion derived from Javascript
JscriptVersion JavascriptVersion
SupportsCallback True if AjaxRequestType does not equal NotSupported
ScreenPixelsHeight ScreenPixelsHeight
ScreenPixelsWidth ScreenPixelsWidth
ScreenBitDepth BitsPerPixel
PreferredImageMime is set to "image/png", "image/jpeg" or "image/gif", in that order, depending on image mimes CcppAccept says is supported.
IsColor True if BitsPerPixel is greater than 4.
CanInitiateVoiceCall IsMobile
Cookies CookiesCapable