What Percentage of Mobile Devices are LTE (4G) Capable?


7/19/2013 10:58 AM

Mobile 4G Analysis

EE released their 'double speed' 4G in the UK earlier this month and showed off their new 'shared 4G plans'. This week take a look at how the percentage of mobile devices that browse the web with 4G capabilities.

Web Traffic from LTE (4G) Capable Mobile Devices


Inventors of 4G- South Korea , are still leading the revolution with over 35% of mobile devices now containing 4G capabilities. Now the nation is leading the charge on 'LTE-advanced' 4G networks, with SK Telecom making the announcement earlier last month

Both Germany and the US have started to see a rise in 4G capable mobile devices in the last few months. This makes sense due to 95% of the American population now living in an area with 4G coverage.

Surprisingly there has also been an increase of LTE (4G) capable phones in India. This comes as a shock As the Indian network uses the TD LTE frequency #40 (2.3 GHz), which currently no mobile devices on the market are compatible with.

90% of mobile devices in the US still don't have 4G capability, meaning developing light-weight mobile websites is essential to keep 40% of your mobile audience.