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Published on Friday, July 19, 2013

What Percentage of Mobile Devices are LTE (4G) Capable?

EE released their 'double speed' 4G in the UK earlier this month and showed off their new 'shared 4G plans'. This week 51Degrees.mobi take a look at how the percentage of mobile devices that browse the web with 4G capabilities.

Web Traffic from LTE (4G) Capable Mobile Devices

Inventors of 4G- South Korea , are still leading the revolution with over 35% of mobile devices now containing 4G capabilities. Now the nation is leading the charge on 'LTE-advanced' 4G networks, with SK Telecom making the announcement earlier last month

Both Germany and the US have started to see a rise in 4G capable mobile devices in the last few months. This makes sense due to 95% of the American population now living in an area with 4G coverage.

Surprisingly there has also been an increase of LTE (4G) capable phones in India. This comes as a shock As the Indian network uses the TD LTE frequency #40 (2.3 GHz), which currently no mobile devices on the market are compatible with.

90% of mobile devices in the US still don't have 4G capability, meaning developing light-weight mobile websites is essential to keep 40% of your mobile audience.

Nominate a heavy, poor-performing mobile website to the 51Degrees.mobi search for the heaviest mobile website competition for your chance to win $1000!

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