What is the most used mobile screen size to browse the web?

Products Team

6/28/2013 11:55 AM


More and more hardware vendors are releasing 'Phablet' devices into the market, with HTC and Acer being the newest companies to jump on the bandwagon. This week take a look at how mobile phone screen sizes browsing the web have changed over the last 20 months.

Average Mobile Phone Screen Size - Web Traffic


The average mobile screen size in the UK and USA increased by around 1 inch over the last 20 months. Release of larger screen sizes came under debate earlier in the year, however despite the concerns, western users have adopted larger screen sizes.

Interestingly the average screen size in India has increased drastically over the last 20 months. Starting off with the low-end 3-inch feature phones being most popular, average screen sizes have increased to 5.5-inches. This shows that emerging mobile markets are now starting to adopt smartphones.

This weeks chart has been created using the underlying raw data that 51Degrees Mobile Analytics uses.

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