What is TAC and how can it help your business


11/2/2020 5:00 PM

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TAC Intelligence provides valuable insights that will power your business

Need an extra online boost for your brand? Whether you’re an insurance company or a business that offers handset recycling, we’ve got your back.

Here at 51Degrees, we like to keep it simple yet effective. We’ll dish out what exactly is TAC and how it can be a strong arsenal in elevating your business.

What is TAC?

A Type Allocation Code, also known as TAC, is the first eight digits of a mobile device’s 15-digit International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number.

An example IMEI number segmented by TAC and serial number data

The TAC is unique to every device. Now, these numbers may seem unassuming but trust us, it’s a powerful source of insight that unlocks your business’ fullest digital potential.

TAC is only applicable to GSM (/global System for Mobile Communications) wireless devices with a SIM card. That excludes desktop computers, Wi-Fi-only tablets, and CDMA-only devices from the party (they didn’t get the memo).

The telecoms industry often uses TAC data – it’s a way for network operators and service providers to keep track of SIM devices active on their networks. When you augment TACs with detail-rich data on hundreds of corresponding device properties, this expands your business’ horizon and opens unique possibilities. And we’ll delve deeper into that later.

Why use TAC intelligence?

To reap the sweet, sweet rewards of the digital world, you need to give your customers a smooth and seamless online experience, ultimately making them happy. What lies beneath this success is the quality of your data.

You wouldn’t want your customers to stumble upon mobile compatibility problems and other issues stemming from inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date TAC data. This happens when you rely on a single data source. With the countless different specifications and functions of today’s devices, you need to be on top of technical issues or you risk losing customers.


This is where TAC intelligence comes swooping in to the rescue. Expect seamless troubleshooting, performance improvements, and stronger security to name a few.

How can it help your business?

You might be asking, “Does it suit my business?” or “Does my business really need it?”. If your business depends heavily on providing a service to mobile device users, this tool is an absolute essential.

Now that the majority of businesses are setting up their online presence and people use their mobile phones to browse the web, now more than ever, the market just got a whole lot more competitive. You’ll want to be on the top of your online game to rise above the noise.

Making accurate, data-driven decisions easily sets you apart from the competition and saves you time from making errors along the way. TAC intelligence provides valuable insights that will power your business.

Thanks to TAC intelligence, you can get a better understanding of the device your customers use to view your website. Through this, you’ll be able to optimize your content for their specific screen size. This also gives you the opportunity to tailor your promotions across different devices, providing your customers a smooth experience.

And because you have all the juicy insight TAC intelligence has to offer, you get to maximize network performance and efficiency. Say no to technical hiccups and say yes to more conversions.


What if a customer stumbles upon an issue? With the help of comprehensive device data indexed by TAC, your customer service team will seamlessly troubleshoot specific device features. Making the process a breeze for both customers and your team.

Lastly, TAC intelligence enhances your cybersecurity by authenticating devices and preventing fraud. Network operators and vendors and insurers are increasingly using this tool. And for phone recyclers and phone resellers, a singluar TAC database means they can quickly identify secondhand phones and the specifications attached to it, including what price the device was at launch, or what the hardware specifications are.

How does it all work?

How do we go from eight little digits to a rich source of insight that will unlock your online success?

All it takes is a clever piece of API code. Here’s how:

First, each TAC that is generated from each device is mapped against detailed device data such as it's hardware and price at launch.

Then, you receive insights into network traffic based on more than 270 verified data points.

This allows you to analyze and improve your web offerings, getting you better business results.


What makes 51Degrees TAC database the best around?

Here at 51Degrees, we manually research and map TAC data daily, providing you a single, unified database you can bet your business on. In comparison to other TAC intelligence out there that only handle pre-production data, our TAC intelligence handles post-production data based on devices that arrived in shops and people’s hands, making it the most accurate solution. We give you the confidence other service providers can’t with our unparalleled accuracy and database that covers 98.55% of active devices.

We know making business strides isn’t easy, so we keep it simple with our seamless integration that allows you to choose data formats that perfectly fit into your existing analytics and business intelligence tools.

It is our goal to provide you accurate, real-time data that will unlock opportunities for your business. Ensuring that each business decision is backed with all the insight you need.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Drop us a message and let us know you are interested in our TAC product. Our Sales team will get you up and running with our TAC intelligence.