Mobile Web Trends - 2012 Interim - White Paper


10/16/2012 2:03 PM

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Mobile Analytics

Use Mobile Analytics to explore the aggregate usage data used in the white paper and obtain specific information needed to support your business decision making.

How can 51Degrees.mobi Mobile Analytics Help You?

51Degrees.mobi mobile analytics product helps to visualize current trends regarding the use of internet by mobile devices. Moreover, it provides sufficient granularity of information related to mobile device vendors, mobile operating systems, and mobile device features to gain real insight. From the viewpoint of mobile web developers, mobile operators and mobile device marketing businesses, the information extracted from the analytics product helps to understand the changing dynamics of web browsing. The analytics product features easy navigation with clear descriptions of the analytics data and related fields enabling the users to easily perform their own analysis.

The data available in the product can be drilled down to provide visibility into adoption of mobile devices, mobile OS, and its features over time with regional variance. Uses include:

  • Creating and maintaining a device strategy for a specific web site or business.
  • Supporting a business case or new business proposal.
  • Gaining insight into vendor's performance in advance of the publication of official sales and financial figures.
  • Providing usage facts to journalists and bloggers to compare with other sources, such as sales figures or vendors published results.
  • Mobile operators can compare usage information from their network against a wider dataset.
  • Handset vendors can understand how their devices are used after initial sale.
  • Research organizations can compare real web usage data to information provided via panels and other sources.