Effective targeting with Geolocation


1/4/2021 4:00 PM

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Interact with your users in a unique way based on wherever they are on the map.

If you’re a business or brand that caters to local consumers, it is critical that your content and ads are all locally relevant and targeting areas in your proximity. We like to think successful local marketing is a vibrant cocktail of search engine optimization, pay-per-click marketing, content marketing, and social media advertising.


Local business owners know just how crucial a role digital marketing plays when it comes to raising brand awareness and increasing conversions. However, a shocking percentage have failed due to the lack of insight and tools to effectively stand out and target the right people at the right time and place.

This is paramount more than ever given that online offerings have become an essential part of a business’ success. With the right source of data, you can uncover a new world of information that lets you create relevant content and have sharper ad targeting. This not only makes your ad spend cost-efficient, but it brings in significantly more people to your door.

So, what is this wizardry that we speak of?

Allow us to introduce you to… Geolocation!

In the world of online businesses, there are countless uncharted territories with abundant fruits of success to find. But without the right tools, finding your success will feel more like finding a needle in a haystack. Geolocation is the tool that will help you uncover a larger audience that will gravitate to your business - it’s your metaphorical magnet, if you will.

All analogies and metaphors aside, let's delve deeper into the fascinating world of Geolocation:

Geolocation is a wonderful technology that pinpoints the longitude and latitude of a mobile device, then translates these unassuming coordinates into insightful data.

You’re probably thinking: “How can this help my business?”. Well, it enhances how you interact with your customers in more ways than one!

Let us expound…

Websites and apps that are utilizing the power of Geolocation are able to interact with their users in a unique way based on wherever they are on the map. Oh, and this is all in real-time! This gives customers a tailor-fit experience, making them feel special and understood. Who doesn’t want that?

Without Geolocation, you give a directionless online experience that presents content or promotions that have no relevance to the user. As a result, your online presence gets lost in the crowd and goes unnoticed.

To add to that, without accurate longitude and latitude, people will be left to their own devices. They could enter multiple variations such as “Stoke”, “Stoke on Trent”, or “Stoke-on-Trent” plus a slew of other data entry problems. With Geolocation, you build consistent sets of data, saying goodbye to confusing variations.

So how can this help with targeting my ads? As we have mentioned in our introduction, it’s important to nail down the different aspects of local marketing. With that said, you can be putting out awesome content and running ads with the most enticing creatives and attractive offers, but still won’t reach your business’ fullest potential. Why? Because you’re not showing them to the right people.

This is equally frustrating and a waste of time and resources.

Geolocation prevents you from spending money on the wrong people. With this tool, you are able to beef up your advertising and ensure that it is being advertised to a specific audience in a specific location. For example, you own a chain of hardware shops and you want to ensure your advert points to the shop that’s local to your users – you don’t want them driving across the county when there’s one round the corner..


This technology is an essential tool for online and brick-and-mortar businesses alike. When consumers in your area find your products or services, they’re more than likely to purchase or drop by your establishment.

If you’re putting out engaging content on social media, making sure your business is searchable and associated in your city, and running ads with incredible offers, adding Geolocation to the mix sets you up for online success.

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