Did an Increase in Mobile Web Traffic Help Break Black Friday Sales Records?

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12/6/2013 3:35 PM

Mobile Analysis

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Earlier this week Amazon reported record breaking sales for this years 'Black Friday', with mobile sales surging by 43% since last year. This week 51Degrees breaks down web traffic from the United States between mobile devices and desktops.

United States Web Traffic - Desktop VS Mobile

Over the last 2 years, web traffic from mobile and tablet devices in the United States has increased from 14.85% in January 2012 to 28.91% in November 2013. This years Thanksgiving weekend has seen record sales, with mobile and tablet devices contributing 21.8% of total online sales.

The Thanksgiving holiday is usually the calm before the spending storm, however this year, retailers were opening their stores early, forcing shoppers onto their mobile devices in order to grab the earlier deals. According to Branding Brand, smartphone optimised websites saw a 258% increase in sales on Thanksgiving alone.

With an average growth rate of 0.67% per month, mobile web traffic will reach 37.5% of all traffic in the United States by Thanksgiving next year. Will your website be ready to take advantage of the huge amount of mobile shoppers next year?

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