Chart of the Week 3 - May 2013

Products Team

5/16/2013 3:47 PM

Apple Nokia Blackberry Analysis

This week both Nokia and Blackberry announced new devices targeting developing markets. take a look at which smartphone operating system is being used the most to browse the web in emerging markets (based on the IMF listing).

Smartphone Operating System % Web Traffic From Emerging Markets


18 months ago Nokia and Symbian were still a significant Operating System in emerging markets. However, the rapid adoption of Android has led to a huge decline in web traffic from Symbian OS.

Surprisingly Apple's iOS operating system has remained comparatively flat over the period. Will Apple release a device to counter the growth of Android?

The Blackberry OS has recently overtaken Samsung's low-end Bada OS indicating that their previous OS had little penetration in emerging markets. Will the new Q5 running BB10 with a QWERTY keyboard manage to convert previous users to the new OS platform?