51Degrees and HAProxy Technologies bring device detection to HAProxy Community


1/20/2016 9:13 AM

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51Degrees has collaborated with HAProxy Technologies, the world’s most popular Open Source Reverse-Proxy Load-Balancer, to integrate 51Degrees’ device detection - the fastest and most accurate available - into HAProxy’s services. The integration sees HAProxy bring 51Degrees’ device detection services to its Enterprise grade solution, HAPEE.

Device Detection

HAProxy is the world’s most widely used Load-Balancer improving uptime and performance for hundreds of thousands of digital businesses. It provides a high-availability load balancing and proxy server for TCP and HTTP based applications, with the capability to spread loads across multiple servers. HAProxy’s software is also available as an optimised enterprise grade version, HAPEE, for safer implementation and maintenance. The HAPEE service includes high availability load balancing, content switching, application control and performance monitoring and real time security analysis. Despite the “Enterprise” name tag, this version is open source for its customers.

51Degrees’ device detection is available as an add-on for HAProxy’s Community solution and will be available in HAPEE. This enables customers to benefit from 51Degrees’ device detection expertise and comprehensive database of more than 31,000 different device specifications, without changing the web application server. HAPEE customers will profit from enhanced device clarity and web usage analytics - ensuring customer-facing websites are optimised for every single device that accesses them.

51Degrees’ patent pending process analyses HTTP headers to identify the specific device browsing a website, enabling the site to deliver a vastly improved user experience. 51Degrees’ process identifies false positives and achieves 99.9% or better accuracy. The data analysis team works with manufacturer data sources to classify the characteristics of more than 200 new web enabled devices every week, adding to a growing directory of more than 31,000 devices.

James Rosewell, CEO and founder of 51Degrees comments: “It is a testament to the accuracy and speed of 51Degrees that the world’s most popular proxy server selected 51Degrees to service its customer base. HAProxy shares our vision for producing high quality, available technology to streamline web servers and enhance customer experience, delivering more profitable web experiences. The collaboration enables us to reach out to new customers and educate them how web optimisation per device can drive increased revenues.”

More customers and prospects are needing device detection at the load-balancer layer to make the architecture smarter and improve user experience. We wanted to provide the best to both our Community and Enterprise customers. 51Degrees performance, accuracy, breadth of devices and flexible easy to setup deployment options made it the best choice to meet all our stakeholders requirements. Baptiste AssmannProduct Manager, HAProxy

The HAPEE HAProxy solution with 51Degrees add-on is available for purchase via www.haproxy.com as of March.

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51Degrees delivers cost-effective, risk-free device detection, web optimisation and mobile analytics solutions enabling developers to maximise their customer’s web experience. With more than 30 years’ management expertise in developing and managing mobile web services, 51Degrees is used by more than 1.5 million websites and supports trillions of web interactions every month. The company is headquartered in the UK. For more information visit our website or to compare 51Degrees to competitors visit our competitor comparison.