51Degrees granted EU patent


3/17/2016 9:39 AM

Device Detection 51Degrees Patent News

for device detection technology

51Degrees, a device detection, web and mobile app optimisation and analytics specialist, today announces it has been granted an EU patent for its device detection technology. The patent is entitled ‘Identifying properties of a communication device' and covers 51Degrees method of extracting actionable device information from web traffic, native apps and mobile networks such as physical device screen size, price band and supported input methods.

Update: as of 6 October 2022, our European Pattern algorithm patent has been revoked and is now freely available in Europe.

  • Patent applies to algorithm used in 51Degrees device detection solution: the fastest, most accurate on the market.
  • Patent entitled ‘Identifying properties of a communication device'.
  • Algorithm applicable to very large data sets.

The patented process analyses device “finger prints” such as HTTP headers to identify the specific device, enabling the site or application to deliver a vastly improved user experience. 51Degrees patented process identifies false positives and achieves 99.9% or better accuracy. It is the fastest and most accurate solution on the market.

51Degrees patented algorithm has been designed to accommodate data sets that increase near exponentially year on year as the popularity and importance of mobile devices grow. Prior device detection solutions involve algorithms that only work well with relatively small data sets, which often limits their ability to adjust and cope with the mobile revolution.

51Degrees device detection solution currently recognises more than 33,431 different devices. The data analysis team works with manufacturer data sources to classify the characteristics of more than 170 devices each week. The adaptability of the patented algorithm allows for the rapid addition of new devices to the database to ensure accuracy is never compromised.

It was extremely important to us to secure a patent to protect our unique algorithm that can evolve in line with the telecommunication and consumer electronic industry's rapid growth. The patent demonstrates that 51Degrees approach to device detection is superior to solutions from the previous decade. James RosewellCEO, 51Degrees