TVs, games consoles, media players, phones, tablets – people are using different devices to access online content. Provide high-quality and device-specific experiences, no matter the device.

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Video streaming services

People use a huge range of devices to watch content, from small-screen smartphones to 4K Ultra HD TVs. It can be difficult to measure and optimize your streaming content across different devices – unless you have the right tools.

Online video providers can use device detection to identify the device type and hardware specifications. Use this information to troubleshoot playback errors, understand your audience, and accurately adapt your content for the user’s device.

Each day, we add newly released games consoles, media players, mobile phones, tablets, set-top boxes, and TVs to our service. Check out our device data quality page for more information.

Enhance your video streaming analytics and user experience with real-time device data.

Which data points?

Which data points?

For those focused on optimizing content for mobile streaming, we can determine the pixel ratio and screen size.

We can capture CPU, GPU and the audio and video codecs to understand a device’s computing power.

This is just a small sample of the properties you could use, as we have over 270 device properties available.

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For gaming publishers, good user experience is critical. People will uninstall the game or request a refund if they encounter crashes or a slow response time.

The ability to detect and understand devices can help negate this risk.

For mobile gaming, you can identify whether issues are specific to a type of device or model. Older devices might be more prone to performance issues like crashes or slow response times. These are all opportunities to improve user experience and stabilize revenue risk.

App game developers can also use device detection to decide how to adapt game content for the mobile device's hardware capabilities. This can include the mobile’s processing power and screen size.

51Degrees provides real-time device detection to help gaming companies prevent loss of revenue and an unhappy user base.

Device information

Device information

Most gaming companies will want to understand the hardware specification of the device. Identifying the device CPU, GPU, RAM, or screen resolution can help here.

Other properties of interest may be the PriceBand and age of the device, to help facilitate troubleshooting.

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3D and augmented reality

With recent technological developments, online retail is thriving. It’s more convenient for people to use their smartphones to shop online, rather than going to their local mall.

Customers browsing your website or app may wonder “will this color suit me?” or “does this item look too bulky?”. Not being able to visualize the items clearly is a downside of e-commerce that has a simple solution.

Augmented reality powered by device detection can help you overcome these limitations and boost customer experience.

Knowing the device customers use for shopping allows you to create a virtual try-on experience for fashion and retail. Users who can accurately visualize how jewelry, watches, shoes, or bags would look in person are more likely to buy.

You can also use device detection to precisely measure length or width. If you’re selling engagement rings, you can use device detection to measure the finger and determine the correct ring size.

Provide an interactive user experience to improve your business outcomes.

Device details for AR

Device details for AR

Some key device properties you will need to create an augmented reality experience are device screen size and camera specifications.

Detecting the device screen in millimeters allows you to accurately measure and render the items on the device screen. Understanding the camera tells you whether the device is even able to use your AR service.

You can pair this information with over 270 device and location data points.

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How to start using 51Degrees

Accurate device detection and geolocation for streaming, gaming, and augmented reality

51Degrees has different deployment methods, including cloud and on-premise. For cloud, you will need to create a Resource Key with your desired properties from our Cloud Configurator. After creating your Resource Key, we will provide you with code to implement.

We have documentation for each API language to get you started with on-premise device detection.

You can access a free 30-day trial by contacting us for more information.

What makes 51Degrees stand out from the crowd?

  • Our free trial gives you access to all the data, so you can make an informed decision.
  • Various deployment options in a range of API languages, all provided open-source and free via GitHub.
  • We’re an ISO 9001 and 27001 certified company, so you can trust in our high-quality service.
  • Our Data team update our device database of 2,746,142 combinations daily. We source our data from real devices, vendors, or optional usage sharing. We don’t cut corners by scraping the web.