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Usage Sharing

By default, 51Degrees Web Application APIs are configured to collect usage sharing information in a background thread. This information helps us to improve detection quality and spot new devices, Operating Systems and browsers.

We strongly encourage you to keep usage sharing enabled as it helps us to improve the accuracy, relevance and performance of our device data. Please see below for instructions on how to enable/disable usage sharing.

For more information and some frequently asked questions please see the FAQs page .

Configure Usage Sharing

The Core API does not provide usage sharing functionality. The WebApp has the capacity to share usage and is enabled automatically, however at the moment this functionality is disabled and cannot be configured. In order to enable usage sharing with 51Degrees, the pre-release version of the Java API is required and can be found here (GitHub): Java-Device-Detection v3.2.7.5-beta

Pre-release users

To disable usage sharing with 51Degrees when running the pre-release version of the API, uncomment the following code or add it to the web.xml file.

									False to disable usage sharing with 51Degrees