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API Supported Versions

The following table shows the required prerequiste compiler versions to use our APIs. Versions not stated below are either unusable or have not been tested to confirm they work correctly.

What is SWIG?

SWIG is a tool currently used by 51Degrees as a C translator. It is able to take our current C API and convert it into other languages using a wrapper. this allows us to maintain 1 repository and any improvements to the API are easily transferred to all other APIs. More information about SWIG can be found here .

API Compiler Version Swig Version Gcc/G++ Version
.NET .NET 4.0+ N/A N/A
PHP PHP v5 or PHP v7 2.0+ for PHP v5, 3.0.13+ for PHP v7 4.8.4+
Python Python 2.7+ 2.0+ 4.8.4+
Perl Perl 5.0.1+ 2.0+ 4.8.4+
Java 1.6+ (1.7+ if using Automatic Updates) N/A N/A
C Gcc 4.8.4+ N/A 4.8.4+
Node.JS Node v6.5.0+ 2.0+ 4.8.4+
Varnish Varnish 4.1.7+ N/A 4.8.4+
GO GO 1.8+ 3.0.12+ 4.8.4+
.NET Standard 1.6+ N/A N/A
Nginx Nginx 1.12.1+ N/A 4.8.4+

Due to the dependancy on SWIG all APIs that use SWIG require a C compiler to create the classes required. We have tested all using GCC 4.8.4, unless otherwise stated. Other versions and compilers may work however we can not gaurentee this. For SWIG's compatibility page you can go here .

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