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Automatic Data Updates

Automatic data updates pulls the latest 51Degrees device data from our servers and updates your local data file.

Automatic Updates Using 51Degrees Servlet

Java websites that are built upon the 51Degrees Servlet are controlled via the Web.xml file. To enable device data updates:

  • Specify the BINARY_FILE_PATH in the Web.xml. This should already be set already as the detector requires a path to the data file.
  • Place a .lic file provided by 51Degrees in the WEB-INF folder. The file name does not matter, as long as it contains a valid licence key and has a .lic extension.

If you're using Lite data and don't have a licence key for Device Data you can purchase one here . A key will then be emailed to you immediately on receipt of payment. To check out the benefits of Premium and Enterprise solutions and to compare features visit  compare our data file options .