Data Team

7/24/2013 10:24 AM

How to detect mobile devices with JavaServer Faces

The ability to detect mobile devices is an important part of website and web application design. Over the last year, requests to sites from mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have risen to almost 20% of total web traffic. As well as this, dozens of new devices with varying screen sizes, input methods and capabilities are released onto the market all the time. Keeping up with this diversity is a nessecery but difficult task for any organisation maintaining a presence on the web. A good solution is to use a Device Description Repository to detect mobile devices through the browser header and its User Agent.'s professionally maintained device data makes this process easy to implement and stays current through automatic updates.



6/20/2013 12:01 PM

Understanding Devices That Browse Your Website

Understanding what devices are browsing your website and their capabilities is key to optimising your website for mobile. I have put together some small code examples showing how you can gain this sort of knowledge using 51Degrees Device Detection, allowing you to fully optimise your mobile users web experience.



8/21/2012 1:20 AM Java API Speed Test

How fast can's Java solution detect devices on your system?