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fiftyone_pipeline_engines.datakeyed_cache.DataKeyedCache Class Reference

Detailed Description

A data keyed cache is the base class for caches used in the pipeline It does nothing on its own and should be extended by a specific cache.

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Public Member Functions

def  get_cache_value (self, cachekey)
Get data from the cache @type key : string. More...
def  set_cache_value (self, cachekey, value)
Place data in the cache @type key : string. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ get_cache_value()

def fiftyone_pipeline_engines.datakeyed_cache.DataKeyedCache.get_cache_value (   self,

Get data from the cache @type key : string.

key - : The cache key to lookup @type value : mixed
key - : None , or the stored data

Reimplemented in fiftyone_pipeline_engines_fiftyone.share_usage_tracker.ShareUsageTracker, tests.test_engines.TestCache, fiftyone_pipeline_engines.lru_cache.LRUEngineCache, and fiftyone_pipeline_engines.basic_dictionary_cache.BasicDictionaryCache.

◆ set_cache_value()

def fiftyone_pipeline_engines.datakeyed_cache.DataKeyedCache.set_cache_value (   self,

Place data in the cache @type key : string.

key - : The cache key to store data under @type value : mixed
key - : The value to save in the cache

Reimplemented in fiftyone_pipeline_engines_fiftyone.share_usage_tracker.ShareUsageTracker, tests.test_engines.TestCache, fiftyone_pipeline_engines.basic_dictionary_cache.BasicDictionaryCache, and fiftyone_pipeline_engines.lru_cache.LRUEngineCache.