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fiftyone_pipeline_core.evidence_keyfilter.EvidenceKeyFilter Class Reference

Detailed Description

An EvidenceKeyFilter is attached to a FlowElement and is used to check if a specific evidence key is needed by it.

This allows for keys that are not used by any FLowElement in a pipeline to be discarded, and on a FlowElement level allows for caching of data / memoization based on the evidence a FlowElement requires.

Inheritance diagram for fiftyone_pipeline_core.evidence_keyfilter.EvidenceKeyFilter:


Public Member Functions

def  filter_evidence (self, evidence_key_object)
Filter evidence from a dictionary of evidence keys/values. More...
def  filter_evidence_key (self, key)
See if a property key should be in the filtered evidence. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ filter_evidence()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.evidence_keyfilter.EvidenceKeyFilter.filter_evidence (   self,

Filter evidence from a dictionary of evidence keys/values.

Runs filterEvidenceKey on each key in the dictionary

@type evidence_key_object: dict

evidence_key_object - Evidence dictionary contents

@rtype: dict

: EReturns filtered evidence dictionary contents