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fiftyone_pipeline_core.basiclist_evidence_keyfilter.BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter Class Reference

Detailed Description

An instance of EvidenceKeyFilter that uses a simple array of keys Evidence not using these keys is filtered out.

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Public Member Functions

def  __init__ (self, keys_list)
def  filter_evidence_key (self, key)
Check if an evidence key is present in a filter list. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone_pipeline_core.evidence_keyfilter.EvidenceKeyFilter

def  filter_evidence (self, evidence_key_object)
Filter evidence from a dictionary of evidence keys/values. More...

Public Attributes


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ __init__()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.basiclist_evidence_keyfilter.BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter.__init__ (   self,

BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter constructor.

@type keysList: dict

keysList - a list of keys to keep.

Member Function Documentation

◆ filter_evidence_key()

def fiftyone_pipeline_core.basiclist_evidence_keyfilter.BasicListEvidenceKeyFilter.filter_evidence_key (   self,

Check if an evidence key is present in a filter list.

@type key: string

key - to check in the filter

@rtype: bool

: Is this key in the filter's keys list?

Reimplemented from fiftyone_pipeline_core.evidence_keyfilter.EvidenceKeyFilter.

Reimplemented in fiftyone_pipeline_engines_fiftyone.share_usage_evidencekeyfilter.ShareUsageEvidenceKeyFilter.

Member Data Documentation

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