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AspectDataDictionary Class Reference

Detailed Description

Extension of elementDataDictionary which stores a {key,value} dictionary of elements like elementDataDictionary but with the additional aspectData extensions.

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Public Member Functions

 constructor ({ flowElement, contents, missingPropertyService })
Constructor for AspectDataDictionary. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from AspectData

 constructor ({ flowElement, missingPropertyService=new MissingPropertyServiceBase() })
Constructor for AspectData. More...
 get (key)
The aspectData getter runs a series of actions if a property has / has not been found. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

AspectDataDictionary::constructor (   { flowElement, contents, missingPropertyService } )

Constructor for AspectDataDictionary.

{object} - options options object
{FlowElement} - options.flowElement FlowElement the data is for
{MissingPropertyService} - options.missingPropertyService a missing property service to use when the property is in a FlowElement's property list but not in the data
{object} - options.contents the data to store