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AspectData Class Reference

Detailed Description

Extension of elementData which allows for a missing property service to be called when an accessed property isn't available.

Engines, an extension of flowElements also allow a restricted property list so certain properties can be excluded

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Public Member Functions

 constructor ({ flowElement, missingPropertyService=new MissingPropertyServiceBase() })
Constructor for AspectData. More...
 get (key)
The aspectData getter runs a series of actions if a property has / has not been found. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from ElementData

 constructor ({ flowElement })
Constructor for elementData. More...
 getInternal (key)
Internal get method for elementData to retrieve an element from it called via the elementData's get method This method is overriden by classes inheriting from elementData. More...
 get (key)
A wrapper that performs actions before passing on processing (or skipping) the getInternal method. More...
 getAsString (key)
Return string value of property. More...
 getAsFloat (key)
Return float value of property. More...
 getAsInteger (key)
Return int value of property. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ constructor()

AspectData::constructor (   { flowElement, missingPropertyService=new MissingPropertyServiceBase() } )

Constructor for AspectData.

{object} - options options object
{FlowElement} - options.flowElement FlowElement the data is for
{MissingPropertyService} - options.missingPropertyService a missing property service to use when the property is in a FlowElement's property list but not in the data

◆ get()

AspectData::get (   key )

The aspectData getter runs a series of actions if a property has / has not been found.

If it hasn't been found it runs the missing property service if the property is referenced by the flowElement/engine. If the property is found a further check to see if it is restricted by a list passed into the flowElement/engine.

{string} - key the property key to lookup
{mixed} result