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51Degrees Pipeline for Java

fiftyone.pipeline.cloudrequestengine.flowelements.CloudRequestEngine Interface Reference

Detailed Description

Engine that makes requests to the 51Degrees cloud service based on the details passed at creation and the evidence in the FlowData instance.

The unprocessed JSON response is stored in the FlowData for other engines to make use of.

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Public Member Functions

Map< String, AccessiblePropertyMetaData.ProductMetaData >  getPublicProperties ()
A collection of the properties that the cloud service can populate in the JSON response. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone.pipeline.engines.flowelements.AspectEngine< TData extends AspectData, TProperty extends AspectPropertyMetaData >

void  setCache (FlowCache cache)
Set the results cache. More...
String  getDataSourceTier ()
Get the tier to which the current data source belongs. More...
void  setLazyLoading (LazyLoadingConfiguration configuration)
Configure lazy loading of results. More...
LazyLoadingConfiguration  getLazyLoadingConfiguration ()
Get the lazy loading configuration used for loading of results. More...
ExecutorService  getExecutor ()
Get the executor service to use when starting processing threads which are lazily loaded. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from fiftyone.pipeline.core.flowelements.FlowElement< TData extends ElementData, TProperty extends ElementPropertyMetaData >

void  process (FlowData data) throws Exception
Carry out whatever operations this element is designed to do using the FlowData passed. More...
void  addPipeline (Pipeline pipeline)
Called when this element is added to a pipeline. More...
EvidenceKeyFilter  getEvidenceKeyFilter ()
Get a filter that will only include the evidence keys that this element can make use of. More...
String  getElementDataKey ()
Get the string name of the key used to access the data populated by this element in the FlowData. More...
TypedKey< TData >  getTypedDataKey ()
Get the typed data key used for retrieving strongly typed element data. More...
List< TProperty >  getProperties ()
Get details of the properties that this element can populate. More...
TProperty  getProperty (String name)
Get a property from the properties that this element can populate using its name. More...
boolean  isConcurrent ()
if true, requires that the Pipeline guards against concurrent access to FlowData structures More...
boolean  isClosed ()
Indicates whether the element has been closed using the close() method, either explicitly or as a result of a 'try with resource'. More...
DataFactory< TData >  getDataFactory ()
Get the factory used to create the element data instances that are populated by this flow element. More...

Member Function Documentation

◆ getPublicProperties()

Map<String, AccessiblePropertyMetaData.ProductMetaData> fiftyone.pipeline.cloudrequestengine.flowelements.CloudRequestEngine.getPublicProperties ( )

A collection of the properties that the cloud service can populate in the JSON response.

Keyed on property name.

public properties

Implemented in fiftyone.pipeline.cloudrequestengine.flowelements.CloudRequestEngineDefault.