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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.Data.IMultiProfileData< T > Interface Template Reference

Detailed Description

Represents a specific type of IAspectData that contains multiple IAspectData instances.

This is used in cases where an engine can return multiple results for a single evidence value.

Template Parameters
T - The type of the IAspectData instances to store in the list.
Type Constraints
T :IAspectData 

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Public Member Functions

void  AddProfile (T profile)
Add the specified IAspectData object to this instance. More...

Public Member Functions inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.IData

IReadOnlyDictionary< string, object >  AsDictionary ()
Get the data contained in this instance as an IReadOnlyDictionary<TKey, TValue> More...
void  PopulateFromDictionary (IDictionary< string, object > values)
Use the values in the specified dictionary to populate this data instance. More...


IReadOnlyList< T >  Profiles [get]
Get a list of the IAspectData objects that have been added to this instance. More...

Properties inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Engines.Data.IAspectData

IReadOnlyList< IAspectEngine >  Engines [get]
The engine that generated the data withing this data instance. More...
Task  ProcessTask [get]
If the engine is configured for lazy loading, this property returns a task that will complete once the engine has finished processing. More...
bool  CacheHit [get]
Get whether this instance of element data was the result of a cache hit, rather than processing of the underlying aspect engine. More...

Properties inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.IElementData

IPipeline  Pipeline [get, set]
The IPipeline that this instance was created by More...

Properties inherited from FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.IData

object  this[string key] [get, set]
Get or set a data value More...

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