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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData Class Reference

Detailed Description

Standalone instance of ElementPropertyMetaData, used to serialize element or aspect properties.

Public Member Functions

 PropertyMetaData ()
Default constructor More...
 PropertyMetaData (IElementPropertyMetaData property)
Constructor More...


string  Name [get, set]
Name of the property More...
string  Type [get, set]
The property type name. More...
string  Category [get, set]
The property category More...
IList< PropertyMetaData >  ItemProperties [get, set]
Properties of sub-items More...
bool  DelayExecution [get, set]
Delay execution flag More...
IReadOnlyList< string >  EvidenceProperties [get, set]
Evidence properties More...

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ PropertyMetaData() [1/2]

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.PropertyMetaData ( )

Default constructor

◆ PropertyMetaData() [2/2]

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.PropertyMetaData ( IElementPropertyMetaData   property )


property -

Property Documentation

◆ Category

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Category
get set

The property category

◆ ItemProperties

IList<PropertyMetaData> FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.ItemProperties
get set

Properties of sub-items

◆ Name

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Name
get set

Name of the property

◆ Type

string FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.PropertyMetaData.Type
get set

The property type name.

Note that this is the JSON type, not the c# type. For example, any list types will just have the type name 'Array'.