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FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.ElementPropertyMetaData Class Reference

Detailed Description

Meta-data relating to properties that are populated by Flow Elements.

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Public Member Functions

 ElementPropertyMetaData (IFlowElement element, string name, Type type, bool available, string category="", IReadOnlyList< IElementPropertyMetaData > itemProperties=null, bool delayExecution=false, IReadOnlyList< string > evidenceProperties=null)
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string  Name [get]
IFlowElement  Element [get]
string  Category [get]
Type  Type [get]
bool  Available [get]
IReadOnlyList< IElementPropertyMetaData >  ItemProperties [get]
IReadOnlyDictionary< string, IElementPropertyMetaData >  ItemPropertyDictionary [get]
bool  DelayExecution [get]
IReadOnlyList< string >  EvidenceProperties [get]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ ElementPropertyMetaData()

FiftyOne.Pipeline.Core.Data.ElementPropertyMetaData.ElementPropertyMetaData ( IFlowElement   element,
string   name,
Type   type,
bool   available,
string   category = "",
IReadOnlyList< IElementPropertyMetaData >   itemProperties = null,
bool   delayExecution = false,
IReadOnlyList< string >   evidenceProperties = null  


element - The IFlowElement that this property is associated with.
name - The name of the property. Must match the string key used to store the property value in the IElementData instance.
type - The type of the property values.
category - The category the property belongs to.
available - True if the property is available.
itemProperties - Where this meta-data instance relates to a list of complex objects, this parameter can contain a list of the property meta-data for items in that list.
delayExecution - Only relevant if Type is JavaScript. Defaults to false. If set to true then the JavaScript in this property will not be executed automatically on the client device.
evidenceProperties - The names of any JavaScript properties that, when executed, will obtain additional evidence that can help in determining the value of this property. Note that these names should include any parts after the element data key. I.e. if the complete property name is 'devices.profiles.screenwidthpixelsjavascript' then the name in this list must be 'profiles.screenwidthpixelsjavascript'